The Cut

Feature length documentary
Co-writing, producing, production, editing, color, visual effects, DCP creation 

In the old West cattle boom of the 1870s, one horse emerged as exceptional: the cutting horse. Today that same horse generates millions in prize money, but a quickly changing culture finds the heirs of those frontier people and horses in a fight to preserve the skills and values born on the range.

Filming for The Cut took place on some of America’s most iconic ranches. This nearly three-year project became a part of us, earning our respect and admiration. It’s a story of perseverance. Much like with training a cutting horse, unscripted storytellers must allow the story to become what it wants to be. It takes patience. It takes an unwavering confidence that the painstaking process of watching and notating every frame of footage will lead to an inspired result.

“Jared has an innate sense of 'finding the story' in unscripted documentary work and his patience and perseverance were appreciated and necessary to finish this project—and finish it well. Their team can communicate a story visually and they are well-seasoned in helping clients during every step of that process.”

Bob Welch
Producer, The Cut

The Cut
The Cut